When in Doubt, Write it Out! Pt 2

Journaling is a powerful and healing practice that connects us to our feelings in a way that feels safe and supportive. 

It can be beneficial to work with guided prompts, especially as you begin developing a journaling practice. 

Remember, start small, and keep things easy for yourself. Try these short and sweet journal prompts to get you started:

  • How can I support myself today?
  • As you consider this question, honor whatever comes up for you with compassion and understanding, then, allow yourself to be supported in the way that you need. 

  • What would I do today if I loved myself fully and openly?
  • Even if you are still working on developing self love, that is okay. What matters is believing that you are worthy and lovable, and trusting that the healing will happen as the journey unfolds. Today, imagine that you are aligned with the most powerful self love. What does that look like? How do you feel and act? What does this energy inspire you to do?

  • What boundaries can I set and honor in order to feel cared for? 
  • Boundaries are extremely important for our mental health. We have to be able to protect ourselves and our energy. When we do not honor our boundaries, we are not respecting ourselves; instead, we are putting more value and attention on pleasing the other party. Setting and upholding boundaries can be scary at first, so start small. Gradually you will build the self-trust, and courage to stand firmly behind them. Say no when you mean no, and remember that you are not here to please other people. You deserve to be protected, honored, and loved; and boundaries are your best friend! 

  • I am grateful for….
  • Fill in the rest of this prompt, and use this moment to soak up gratitude for what you already have and what you experience in life. The things we put on our gratitude list don’t need to be grand or special. In fact, this exercise can help you to see how beautiful and cherishable the small moments and things are. Gratitude will always bring us back to love, so even if you only have one thing to share, make a note of that. Your thankfulness will grow by the day.

    Always remember that your journal is there as a safe and supportive friend that is always ready to listen. Try one (or all!) of these journal prompts this week and practice courage as you learn to connect with and care for yourself through writing.