the BEST Bed Yoga Sequence

In my opinion, the *best* Bedtime yoga is done in bed. As we settle down for an evening of rest, peace, and nourishment- we may want to cozy up in our comfy beds and stay there for the rest of the evening. The beauty of Bed Yoga is that you can do just that, while also receiving the powerful benefits of a soothing nighttime practice. Bed Yoga is for all bodies and all levels of experience. It is about taking time to slow down within your safe space, connect to your breath, and release stress and anxiety from your mind and body before you rest. 

Bedtime yoga promotes deep relaxation, reduced stress, improved digestion, and better circulation! There are so many wonderful benefits to trying out a few yoga poses before your next sleep. 

Read on to explore a short and sweet Bed Yoga Flow- designed just for you! 

- Seated Neck and Shoulder stretches. Start seated on your bed with a tall and strong spine. Drop your right ear over your right shoulder, and begin to walk your right fingertips out to the side away from your body, getting a neck and shoulder stretch. When you find the place that feels right for you, rest in the stretch for at least 10 rounds of breath before slowly switching to the other side. 

-Seated Butterfly Fold. From your criss-cross seat, move so that the soles of your feet are now touching and there is space between the heels and pelvis. Grab your lower legs, ankles or feet and lengthen the spine upwards before hinging forward from the hips and softening into your forward fold. Do your best to relax the head, neck, and shoulders as you round forward. You may like to rest your head on a pillow. Hold for 1-2 minutes. 

-Camel Pose (backbend/ heart opener). Come to stand on your knees- which should be hip width apart. Bring your hands behind you to support your low back and sacrum. Roll your shoulders back and down, and when you are ready, lift the gaze, and begin to gently bend back, opening your heart to the sky and gazing towards the ceiling. Make sure to keep your hands firmly on your lower back for support and safety. Breathe deeply and hold for about 10 rounds of breath. Release by slowly lifting the spine to come upright once more, and then lowering your hips to sit on the heels. 

-Child's pose. Now, come into a Table Top position with your hands under your shoulders and your knees over your hips. Spread your knees as wide as feels good for you, bring your big toes to touch behind you, push your hips back to your heels and start to walk your hands forward- as you do so, softening your heart down to the earth. Rest here in your child's pose for as long as you'd like. 

-Savasana. Lie back in a comfortable position and simply allow your body to settle post practice. Close your eyes and enjoy the deep relaxation as it enfolds you. Sweet dreams!