Spring Cleaning: A Life Detox to Promote Daily Positivity

Hey friends,

We all know that Spring cleaning is in full effect - it always provides that refreshing feeling that makes us want to scrub walls and trash a bunch of unneeded junk, right? While decluttering your surroundings offers new peace and comfort, there is nothing better than giving your life a detox session. We’re giving a new meaning to the name, "Spring Cleaning,” and applying it directly to your mental well-being. From communication mishaps to toxic relationships, here are some tips to help get rid of it all and ensure a happy, positive Spring season. 

Take A Much-Needed Tech Hiatus

In a world that so heavily relies on technology for nearly everything, needing a break from it all is just an inevitable fact. What you may not realize is the power technology has over our self-esteem, emotions and productivity. Promoting positivity is a much easier feat when you take a hiatus from technology-social media especially. Take a little tech detox and you’ll notice you can find much more productive ways of keeping busy and you will not be heavily distracted or influenced by social media.

Work on Miscommunication

In relationships of any kind, it is common to encounter miscommunication. With your partner, especially, communication can sometimes pose a challenge. Working on communication with the people you love means building trust, vulnerability and frequent dialogues that help you get to the bottom of your issues. Never be afraid to get outside help- communication issues aren’t always solved at home but with effort and a little coaching, you'll soon be getting rid of the miscommunication woes in your life. 


It’s so easy to talk to yourself in a negative light. Things happen on a daily basis- maybe you second guess your decisions or just have a habit of being hard on yourself. Well, it’s time to start practicing positive self-talk. The way that you talk to yourself affects you on such a deep level and will continue to influence your everyday life as well. From now on, start reminding yourself of your self worth, give yourself a pat on the back and LOVE yourself. This positive way of thinking will make you feel so much better and more confident in your daily life.

Stop Saying YES

If you’re a people pleaser, this will take some determination on your part. It can sometimes be so hard to say no- especially to family and friends. But saying no does not mean you’re a bad friend or unsupportive in any way. It’s okay to do what you really feel and if saying no means you don’t have to go out of your way or be uncomfortable to please someone else, then so be it. You will find yourself less stressed out if you start doing only the things that you WANT to do. 

Distance the Unhealthy Relationships

It seems like most of us have had that one friend or family member- the one who was maybe a bit rigid around the edges and wasn’t always mindful of their effect on others. It’s time to distance yourself from those who bring discomfort to your life. Whether they trigger anxiety with their emotionally unintelligent ways, bring negative energy or just tend to have a toxic influence, it’s time to distance them from your immediate circle. It doesn’t always seem possible to lose these relationships forever, but keeping a distance means less opportunity for them to bring you down or trigger an emotional issue for you. 

Try to Limit Stress

Sounds a bit impossible, right? It could be something as simple as overbooking your schedule, worrying about things you can’t control or getting more sleep. Factors like these really play into your stress levels throughout the day. If you are stressed to the max, it’s time to take a second look at your schedule and try to fit in some down time. If you need some mental support, turn to friends and family or the guidance of a counselor to help you manage your stress. It will make such a difference in your life!

This Spring detox is the perfect refresh for the warm weather. You’ll be enjoying the sunshine, feeling great about your life, yourself and feeling much more positive. Sometimes taking a step back to reevaluate your life and relationships is just the thing you need to make positive change. Happy Spring!