Solo for the Holidays?

Not everyone will find themselves surrounded by family and loved ones this holiday season, and that is okay. For many, the holidays can be a very challenging time, and for those who will be spending the season sans family or friends this season, I want to let you  know that you are not alone. Your holidays do not need to resemble a hallmark movie in order to be valid, or even happy. Rather than dwelling on what you don’t have this year, I want to help you turn your focus towards what you do have. Solitude can be a beautiful gift, because it means that this season, it’s all about you! Let’s embrace this and make this holiday a season of self care that you won’t forget! 

Read on as I share 3 simple ways to make your solo holiday season one of joy, peace, and nourishment:

  1. Create a list of self care activities that are simple, accessible, and that bring you feelings of joy and support. For example, perhaps you have a list that includes activities such as ‘taking a bubble bath, baking cookies, watching a favorite movie, taking an evening walk to look at christmas lights, or practicing a hobby.’ Choose activities that genuinely bring you happiness, and that light up the inner child within you. Keep this list somewhere accessible and choose at least one item off of this list a day. Commit to engaging in one activity daily for the duration of the holidays, and enjoy every moment of this well deserved self care. 
  2. Treat yourself! The holidays can often be about treating others, but because you have been blessed with the gift of solitude (whether you have chosen this or not) you can focus on treating yourself, because you deserve it! Consider a few ways that you could treat yourself and write them down. Maybe treating yourself looks like doing some holiday gift shopping just for you, perhaps it is ordering in from your favorite restaurant for Christmas dinner, or maybe, you’d like to take yourself on a holiday themed date complete with hot chocolate. You deserve to feel loved, cared for, and even spoiled this season, so make that list, check it twice, and treat yourself!
  3. Just because you’re spending the holidays alone, does not mean you need to be away from others. Connection is an important part of being human, and there are so many ways to find community, even around the holidays. If you are looking to spend time with others this season, consider volunteering at your local soup kitchen or holiday gift drive! This will surround you with like minded people and the true holiday spirit of giving, connecting, and sharing. If this does not resonate with you, consider going to a local concert or other holiday event that will allow you to be with others, while also minimizing direct connection. Do your research and find events and opportunities that excite and uplift you! 

Just because you are spending the holidays alone this year, doesn’t mean you can’t have a joy filled season. Be willing to put in the effort towards self care and soul nourishment by doing things that light you up inside! Make this season one to remember.