Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness

Hey, friends,

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you on mindfulness. Let’s be honest- it’s easy to get lost in the everyday grind. Whether you’re a workaholic, a parent, or both, you can sometimes lose sight of yourself due to an overly hectic routine. Maybe you struggle to manage your time, balance work and home life or just find a moment to yourself where you can breathe and relax. It’s important to always take a step back and re-center. Practicing mindfulness will help you to maintain happy, healthy routines that are beneficial to your mental and physical health. Here are some ways to practice staying mindful.

Go For a Stroll

Taking a walk sounds like a basic thing to do- but really, it’s so easy to clear your head when you’re taking in fresh air and enjoying a nice scenic view. Whether it’s your neighborhood, a local park or a safe spot on woodsy grounds, you will easily be able to take those deep breaths while engaging in some light exercise. Good for the body and the mind- it’s a simple way to ensure a moment to yourself. Sometimes all you need is a single moment of clarity to continue your day.

 Do Something You Enjoy

Take a timeout from the normal routine and engage in a fun activity you enjoy. Whether that is something lighthearted like seeing a movie, or something more physical like playing a quick match of tennis, you will feel much better after doing something you love! Doing productive activities like journal writing, meditation and yoga will also help you to feel centered and find your Zen. Whatever your activity is, adding something you love to your day guarantees a happy part of your day.

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

Sleep can be a huge factor in your amount of daily stress. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep can make or break your day because you are more likely to feel stressed out and overwhelmed with little sleep. Set a realistic schedule to help ensure you get those much needed hours of sleep. It is crucial to your mental health and you will find yourself feeling much more alert, positive and happy with restful sleep each and every night. 

 Keep It Positive

It sounds easier said than done, right? When things don’t go as planned, it’s easy to feel let down and have it affect your day in a negative way. Keeping a positive mindset is key to staying content on any given day. Keep searching for the positive parts of your day, even on the most overwhelming and stressful days. There is always a silver lining when you choose positivity. And, when you choose positivity, your mental health is uplifted, allowing you to feel content and happy throughout your days. 

 Adding these practices to your routine will ensure that you have little moments to yourself to find clarity, peace and contentment. Staying mindful means staying centered, grounded and in the moment. Allowing yourself to be aware of your needs on a typical day is so important- Keep on searching for those pieces of Zen in your day.