Transforming old stories

As we travel through life, we pick up stories, conditionings and beliefs that may not reflect who we truly are, what we see as our purpose, and how we wish to express ourselves. These old stories stay with us until we make the conscious choice to rewrite them. It is such an empowering realization knowing that you do in fact have the power to rewrite your own stories and set your own course. Today we will explore ways to uncover these old stories that keep us playing small and separated from our light, and we will work together to create new, empowering beliefs to support our journey moving forward. 

Step one of rewriting the stories that keep us small requires taking time to reflect on the stories that may be holding us back (Example: ‘Everytime I open my heart to love and trust, I always get hurt. Loving isn't safe for me.’ OR ‘My voice holds no power’.) Basically, these stories can be anything that keeps us separated from our inner strength, empowerment, and true nature.

Ask yourself: What negative or damaging beliefs do you hold about yourself or your life? 

Now explore: What are the roots of these stories? Where did they begin/ come from? 

How do these stories impact you, and the way you are showing up in your world? Do they impact the choices you make on a daily basis? 

Let’s reflect on the prompt:

How can I rewrite these stories in a more empowering way? 

Now that we have taken the time to dive deeply into our stories and begin the process of rewriting them, we now have to intentionally live these new stories. How will you move forward in alignment with these new, empowering stories for yourself and your life? 

Final prompt: Write out a vision of your life where you live fully in alignment with your power, joy, and purpose. What does an ideal day in your life look like when you stop playing small, limiting yourself, and holding back? Write as if there were no restrictions around resources, and no fears. Allow yourself to dream big! 

Live in your power each day as fully as you can. This world needs your authentic light.