A Guide to loving and embracing your TRUE self

Each of us comes to Earth with unique qualities and special gifts. We are truly one of a kind- so why does it feel like our society encourages us to conform and fit in? Our differences deserve to be celebrated. The things that make us different make us so lovable and magical. By neglecting our authenticity- we play into society's desire for us to conform and to dim our light. Embracing our authentic selves is an act of radical self love, an expression of rebellion against societal norms, and a celebration of everyone we share this planet with. 

Read on to explore how you can begin embracing and honoring your authentic self: 

  1. One of the best ways to begin embracing your authenticity is to acknowledge the things that make you unique and special! Ask yourself “what is something unique that I have to offer?” “What does it look like when I am letting my inner light shine?” Write out a list of your unique qualities- even the ones that you may have had trouble accepting up to this point. Writing down all of the things that make you  unique and special is the first step in recognizing these aspects of yourself as gifts. See each of these things as aspects that make you worthy and lovable. This is the start of celebrating your differences! 

  2. Once you have begun acknowledging and accepting the things that make you unique- it’s time to go one step further with embracing them! So, how can we embrace our own uniqueness? We can do this by allowing our unique qualities and authentic selves to be fully witnessed in the world. This means not allowing others to dim our lights or shame us for our differences. Our authentic self is the most beautiful self that we can show the world. Ask yourself: what way of dressing makes me feel connected to my authenticity? What way of speaking, thinking, acting, and being are aligned with my authentic and unique self? Begin identifying authentic ways to express your true inner light and unapologetically sharing them with the world. Be brave!

  3. Now comes the final step in honoring your authentic self: celebration! By celebrating ourselves exactly as we are, we create a safer world for others to do the same. Lead with your light and show the world that authenticity is beautiful and needed. It is so important that we learn to bravely celebrate exactly who we are, and what we wish to share. This is the reason you are here on this planet- to be uniquely YOU, because your authentic self is exactly who this world needs most right now. It is time to celebrate your one of a kind, special, unique, and beautiful self.