Changing Our Stories

We believe that just one positive affirmation can change your life forever, because we believe in the power of the mind. 

Our minds are magical, powerful, and able to create transformation just by harnessing the power of our thoughts and beliefs. Once you begin to understand the true power of your thoughts and beliefs, and how these thoughts and beliefs shape your outer reality, you will better understand the benefit of repetitive positive affirmations. 

It is important to remember this as you move through your life, and to understand that so often, your thoughts determine your experiences. Just by shifting our thoughts from negative to positive, we can begin to create change. To better embody this understanding, take a moment to consider just one area of your life. This can be career, fitness, finances, family, or anything else that comes up for you. 

Take a moment to evaluate and check in with how you regularly think about this area of your life. Write down the thoughts that come up here and that you recognize as familiar when considering this aspect of your life. Without judgment, notice if your thoughts in regards to this part of your life are predominantly negative, positive, or neutral. Ask yourself, do you like the way you think and feel about this area of your life? Or would you like your experience to be different? After reflecting on this, it is time to check in with our deeply rooted beliefs about this area of life. Ask yourself, what beliefs do I hold about this part of my life? Where might these thoughts be originating from? 

For example, maybe I have chosen to explore my thoughts and beliefs around my finances. I find that my predominant thoughts about my finances are negative; consistent thoughts that arise when considering this area of life are phrases such as, “I never have enough,” or “it is so hard for me to find financial balance.” These thoughts have a predominantly negative energy as they focus on lack and scarcity. With further exploration, the beliefs that I uncover may sound something like, “I have developed a belief that life is hard, and money is always a challenge to accrue,” or “I’m just not an abundant person.” Highlighting these beliefs will help me to see where I can begin to change my relationship towards this area of my life. 

Once you have reflected and considered both your thoughts and beliefs, you can begin to change them into something positive, uplifting, and supportive. 

Now, take a moment to choose one thought and/or belief that you’ve explored, and create a new, positive thought/ belief for yourself. Example, I could change my negative belief about finances into one such as, “I have everything I need, and allow myself to be grateful for what I have now.” This changes the energy of the belief into one of gratitude, abundance, and security. 

Focus on rewriting your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs into ones that highlight positivity. These affirmations can support you as you move forward in your life. The next time you come face to face with the area of life that you’ve chosen to focus on today, use your new affirmations to build positive energy and transformation in this area for yourself. 

You have the power to change, transform, and create the life that you desire. 

Go inward, nourish the garden of your mind, and let it blossom.