5 Ways to Show Kindness Through Social Media

In a world where social media precedes all other forms of communication, it raises the question of how we can all keep each other happy and feeling good about the conversations and relationships we form through the internet. One important thing to remember is that lifting each other up is key to keeping a positive light shining on our social media accounts. It takes minimal effort to make someone's day, so why not start a positive, daily routine where you can show your online friends what it takes to spread kindness?  Here are 5 easy ways to show kindness through your favorite social media networks:

Share Words of Encouragement

If you notice that a friend is posting about a difficult time or is seemingly down and depressed, offer some kind words of encouragement, assuring him/her that better days are ahead. Even a simple statement could change the entire course of her day, her mindset and her life. Words are often life-changing and profound- start using them for the benefit of your friends! 

Share a Dose of Daily Positivity

Sure, you can find a bunch of depressing stories all over social media and the internet in general. But be the one who finds that happy ending story and shares it with all of your online friends. Whether it's a funny picture, a story with a fairy tale ending or a quote that gets people rethinking their negative ways, sharing a daily dose of positivity is sometimes exactly what people need to get through the day. 

Show Some Support

Maybe one of your friends has made a wedding announcement or has just graduated from his/her master's program. Whatever the case, show your support! Big congratulations and honest best wishes from the heart for their exciting achievements! This will have the person feeling recognized and excited that you took the time to show you care. 

Keep It Friendly

We all know that sometimes social media is a platform for debate- debates that often get nasty and out of control. Whether or not you agree with the person's point of view, whether political, parent related or current events, keep it friendly when it comes to sharing your opinions. We all can’t have the same opinions but we can keep it friendly and cordial even with opposite viewpoints on a subject. 

Engage With Others

If you see a post you like, drop a comment. You don’t have to be best friends- you can even be total strangers! Liking a post, complimenting someone and agreeing with someone's opinions or beliefs are all ways you can engage with others and spread positivity. Socializing is the main idea of social media, so get out there and start making friendly connections! 

Spreading kindness through social media is going to show others that this is what it’s all about. Once you start with the support and encouragement comments, the rest will flow so naturally. It’s easy to say a kind word and sometimes the impact is even greater than you expected it to be. You just never know who’s day you are improving. Always spread kindness, friends!