"Believe In Yourself" Affirmation Bracelet

$4 $47.99

Isn’t it funny that your most undefeatable opponent in life is yourself?

We tend to believe that the trials we face are what make it impossible to move forward when in reality, we are our own worst enemy.

The power you hold within yourself is incomparable.

You are strength and wit, imperfect but incredible, and above all, you are the worthiest opponent to life's most unbeatable feat.

Believe that you can and will overcome what is ahead of you.

Find peace in knowing that only you can pull yourself out of what can feel like a tunnel with only a sliver of light nearing the end.

Believe in a life where who you are and who you become is up to you.

Believe in second chances and new beginnings.

Believe in the better you and settle for nothing less.

Believe in you, because we do too.



  • High Quality Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Inscription reads "Believe In Yourself"


  • Adjustable

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