Transform Your Life with Our Monthly Yoga, Breathwork & Affirmation Classes for just $79.97

Classes & Offering

1st Saturday of the month: 90-120 Min. LIVE Specialty Workshop

In this workshop we will come together as a community to learn, heal, and connect. Each workshop will be based on a different theme surrounding affirmations, and within this container we will learn how to embody and use affirmations to create real change in our lives. This will be done through various tools and practices such as guided meditation, yoga, journaling, community sharing, art, and more. This is a safe space for everyone to feel validated, supported, and cared for.

Weekly LIVE Yoga/ Breathwork/ Affirmation Classes These classes will be held at 12pm(mst) on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays and will range from 30-60 min.:

Tuesday 12-1pm: LIVE Beginner Mindful Yoga Flow with Affirmations

This is a class that welcomes all levels and experiences. This class will be focused on finding what feels good in our bodies as we use the power of the breath paired with supportive affirmations to reduce stress and anxiety and improve overall well being. There will also be a chance for connecting to other class members for sharing and support at the end of our practice.

Thursday 12-12:30pm: LIVE Meditation and Breathwork Class with Affirmations

This is a class that is approachable and beneficial for all. Within this half hour we will learn and practice new techniques and styles of breathwork to build a toolbox of healthy coping mechanisms that students will be able to use outside of class. This class will also touch on different affirmation activities such as creating personalized affirmations for support, and affirmation meditations. This half hour is designed to help you feel nourished and find relief from stress and anxiety.

Saturday 12-1pm: LIVE Class

In this hour-long class, students will come together as a community to share their experiences, find support from one another, and engage in optional sharing. This is a class that focuses on community as a path to healing. Within this container we will also engage in a range of activities such as gentle yoga, meditation, breathwork, and therapeutic art projects. This class is centered around joy, connection, and nurturing.


The On Demand Library is your personal, virtual studio. Within this library, you will find countless classes and practices to support you. Classes will differ in length, style, and level so there is truly something for everyone. This library is always accessible to members as a supportive resource for self care and learning.